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Why complicate? – this is AVG’s strap line for their CloudCare Service and we couldn’t agree more.

AVG CloudCare allows you to have Enterprise Level Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software protecting your PC’s and your Servers for an incredibly low monthly cost. You can choose to run and manage the system by yourself, with our help or let us completely manage it for you. By choosing CloudCare you have access to AVG’s specialist support team in the UK should disaster strike for any reason.

AVG LogoAVG CloudCare gives you your own portal where you can keep track of the number of AVG licences you have, instigate and control AV scans and generally keep an eye on the health of your valuable digital assets and equipment. AVG is proven worldwide for over 20 years and as a company they keep innovating and bringing valuable new security products to market.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements on 0113 335 1444. We can help you transition from your existing software to a unified, web-based control & management portal where you will have fantastic reporting tools at your disposal to ensure peace of mind. Even if you have a length of time left to run on your existing licences we may be able to offer a swap-out of software at no cost to you until your licence renewal date. We can even offer 30 day trials and hand hold you all the way through the install process, train you how to use the portal and configure your own reports. OR BETTER STILL – LET US MANAGE YOUR PC & NETWORK SECURITY FOR YOU.

More than ever we live in a world where PC’s are still massively vulnerable to online nasties – Windows is still the number 1 platform to get targeted by hundreds of thousands of viruses, trojans and malware. Don’t rely on free and possibly out of date AV software that you may have. Let us help you achieve a unified, professional level of security and management on all your PC’s, whether in the office, on the road or in the home.

Can you afford not to at least try out a no-obligation 30 day trial of AVG CloudCare from WYDOS? Simply fill in the web form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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