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Technic ARC Rotary Cutter

42″,60″,80″,100″ or 120″

Keencut ARC Rotary Cutter was made possible utilising the astonishing power of computer-aided design. Keencut’s patented ‘Advanced Rotary Cutter’ system eliminates the instability of overhead rail cutters and the potential risk of standard paper guillotines. The ARC Cutter’s unique sub-surface monorail bearing system gives the user a clear view of the cut line. This mechanism cannot distort even under heavy pressure. Two clamp rollers provide secure, double clamping during the cutting process, with up to double the grip effectiveness of any other Rotary Cutter on the market. The two Tungsten Steel Cutting Wheels give unrivalled performance and durability, with two-way cutting on every Cutting Machine in the ARC range.

  • Innovative and unique sub-surface monorail bearing system
  • Twin rotary blades and full-length fixed blade strip
  • Integral aluminium base-plate with metric parallel indents
  • Cuts easily in both directions
  • Optional dedicated stand and catch basket
  • 5 year warranty

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Technic ARC Rotary Cutter
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